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AC Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner In Cypress, TX

AC Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner In Cypress, TX

Proper HVAC maintenance is paramount among homeowners because a system damage can be a real pain in the neck, including compromised comfort and higher energy cost. Particularly, cleaning the filters, fins, and coils will contribute to the efficiency of your entire system.

Good thing, you can catch small issues before they become bigger problems. Here are tips to proper AC maintenance:

Air Filters

Air filters are subject to dust, dirt, and pet hair all year long. Cleaning or replacing them will guarantee the good condition of your air conditioning unit. Filters can be found on the AC unit itself, ceilings, walls, and furnaces. Some filters can be reused while other types need replacement.

Cleaning your air filters once a month or every cooling season reduces the possibility of a malfunctioning unit. Clogged and dirty filters may prevent normal airflow which will lead to an inefficient system operation. If the normal airflow is blocked, filters can carry the dirt into the other areas within the unit. As a result, the coil won’t be able to absorb heat properly.

Air filters need to be replaced every three months to keep your AC in good shape. Contact your local HVAC technician in Cypress, TX for a filter replacement service.


After several months of using your air conditioner, the evaporator and condensing coils have most likely accumulated dust and dirt. Having a clean filter will avoid a soiling evaporator coil. However, there are still chances that the coil will continue to collect the dirt around. The absorption of heat is greatly affected when the dirt stick on the evaporator.

Condenser coils are easily seen so there’s no reason to overlook its maintenance. Falling leaves, dryer vents, and a lawn mower are the possible causes of debris and dirt.

Coil Fins

The fins on the condenser and evaporator coils can be easily bent. They can also block the normal airflow. You can purchase a fin comb to bring back the appropriate position of the fins.

Condensate drains

Expect lesser humidity when the drain channels are clogged. You may use a stiff wire for the drain channels

Window Seals

Be sure to check the designated position of the seal between an air conditioner and window frame. They must touch the metal case of the a/c unit. If moisture caused damage on the seal, cold air will escape your home.

With proper AC maintenance, your system will work smoothly and efficiently for a long period of time. To learn more about HVAC maintenance in Cypress, TX, call Energy Air Solutions today.