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Why Is My AC Not Working and What Can I Do To Resolve The Problem

Why Is My AC Not Working and What Can I Do To Resolve The Problem

Are you experiencing HVAC problem in Cypress, TX? Before you call your local HVAC technician to diagnose your unit, take a look first. Perhaps, you can be lucky with some DIY fixes. You won’t be needing extensive technical knowledge or specialty tools. Here are common causes of unit malfunction and what you can do to solve simple AC problems.

Your Thermostat is Set To On

If your AC is blowing out cool air, and then hot air, check your thermostat. Most probably, it is set to ON instead of AUTO. When your thermostat’s fan is set to on, it will run all day and night long without the air being cooled. Simply switch the setting to AUTO.

Clogged & Dirty Air Filter

A clogged and dirty air filter negatively affects airflow into your unit, causing several HVAC problems. Dirty air filter forces your unit to work harder than necessary to keep your home cool. Take a look at the air filter and give it some cleaning. If you think it already needs replacement, don’t hesitate to call a professional technician.

Dirty Outside Unit

Another possible cause of AC malfunction is a dirty outside unit. If the condenser is dirty with debris, it won’t be able to dissipate heat, causing your unit to struggle to give you the desired temperature. Gently spray the outside unit using a garden hose. Don’t use high-powered sprays to prevent damage to the fins and condenser.

These are just some of the common easy AC fixes you can do by yourself. For more serious AC problems like faulty condenser fan motor and low refrigerant, it is important to bring in a reliable HVAC technician.

When your AC system in your Cypress home suddenly breaks down and you are not comfortable with some DIY repair tasks, contact Energy Air Solutions.